Friday, April 30, 2010

Shmuck of the Week: reda

From: reda (
Subject: pleez help
Date: 04/29/2010 01:59:28 PM

hi ,iam interested in what u do, it is very helpful for us, this is why i ask u , i need a dell password generator for all the latest editions 2a7b and a95b, and if possible the hp 10 digits pass.pleaase help me.ur my only chance.thanks
I shamelessly use the results of your free work to generate parts of my income. I ask you to perform work for which I am both too stupid and lazy. I am not willing to pay you a dime, but I am actually planning on using it for my personal financial gain.
Mhhh... no.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fix for the -595B Keygen

Apparently, only some of my readers have been able to derive the fix necessary to generate valid HDD passwords. It's been easily guessable that the prehashing scheme needed some minor modification. Before I get countless requests now, here's the C source code for hpgl's keygen:

You need a C compiler to generate the executable (d'uh), e.g. gcc/mingw32, Visual C, lcc, etc., or you can just use the binaries linked below.

Update: Windows binaries...

Friday, April 16, 2010

More crap from

I gotta admit, they have been incredibly fast at stealing the stuff this time:
Martech SBS Tools V3.2.5.0 - DELL FREE

What's new:

- Bios & HDD for DELL 595B, 2A7B, D35B free for users
You can unlock 5 per day without needed payments.

Application is payable, it cost 39 EUR / 52 USD

Download it: SBS Service Tools

Be ready! For next updates :)
Martech Team
That news item is dated one day after I published the previous blog post and two days after I completed the source code for the keygen on a known forum.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dell -595B Keygen

Before I get spammed with even more emails, here are the C sources for a keygen suitable for -595B and other dells (courtesy of hpgl):

You need a regular C compiler for compiling an executable (e.g. mingw32/gcc).

So now let's sit back and watch the inflation happen...

Update: small fix (Windows binaries) - see this post.

Quick How-To:
  1. Download the archive of the keygen from the link above. It contains two files: a C file (source code) and an executable. If you are on Windows, just unpack and double-click the executable. If you are on Mac/Linux/BSD, compile the C file:
    gcc -o dell dell.c
  2. You are asked to enter the serial number of your device. Use ONLY CAPITALS for the serial number.
  3. Press Enter and you'll get the password. Keep in mind that the passwords are encoded for a QWERTY-type keyboard layout (US-EN). Also, some models require you to press Ctrl+Enter after entering the password.