Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shmuck of the Month: Conrado Davila /

Among the many contestants for this award, there are always some who stand out as exceptionally smug. Conrado has successfully gained access to this select class of people. This is an email from the first time he tried to contact me:
By stating that he is "involved in the world of laptop hacking", he actually means that he defrauds people by selling them my stuff for only 40-50 $/password on his website:

Among the clusterfuck of typographical mistakes and perspective errors in his graphics, he has thankfully put his full name and address in the whois record of the domain: #17036
conrado davila (
eugenio sue 1279 colinas de san jeronimo
Tel. +34.955842323
NAME: Conrado Dávila de Gárate
ADRESS: La Luisiana #3
I'm sure that the local DA has an extensive record on him.

The icing on the cake, however, is his sale of my GPL'd code to some gullible sucker for big bucks. That guy actually wanted to buy a generator for the Sony one-time-password stuff from him, so Conrado just modified my 5dec script to the effect that it seems to generate the password from the Sony one-time key. Suffice to say that it doesn't work at all since he has no technical expertise whatsoever. The other thing that he conveniently removed is my authorship of the script. Here's his delivery email:
So this month, the prestigious "Shmuck" award goes to Spain. Congratulations - you earned it!