Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dell 2A7B Keygen

A slight modification and the keygen generates now valid passwords for Dell 2A7B serials as well as for the -595B serials.

Source Code & Binaries

Quick How-To:
  1. Download the archive of the keygen from the link above. It contains two files: a C file (source code) and an executable. If you are on Windows, just unpack and double-click the executable. If you are on Mac/Linux/BSD, compile the C file:
    gcc -o dell dell.c 
  2. You are asked to enter the serial number of your device. Use ONLY CAPITALS for the serial number.
  3. Press Enter and you'll get the password. Keep in mind that the passwords are encoded for a QWERTY-type keyboard layout (US-EN). Also, some models require you to press Ctrl+Enter after entering the password.

Update: Here's is an online version.