Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Conrado strikes again

Another fraud victim has sent me an email with this:
It has the same quality as Conrado Davila's previous fraud: he modified my code a bit (removing the GPL license, attributions, etc.), claiming this time that it can calculate Toshiba unlock codes, and sold it to some guy for $460. Interesting, the payment went to "Luis Eugenio Davila de Garate". He probably has burned his personal paypal account and is tapping into the account of a relative now.

In other news, here are some of his clumsy attempts to advertise on youtube, and here is a fan site which he created with all of his skills in a pretty lame attempt to extort me to retract all the information about his scams...

Update 11/1/12: Conrado's getting desperate:

Update 7/5/12: Another victim...